1966 - 2005





1966-7: Published by Lovebooks Ltd.  from: 102 Southampton Row, London.

Editor: Tom McGrath; Assistant Editor: David Zane Mairowitz


Includes all half-issues, colour variants and flyers as listed.


October 1966: mimeographed flyer for IT launch party at London’s Roundhouse with the unusual annotation IT/5 giving details and ticket information.



it1  Oct 14-27 1966 1s:  Death of Andre Breton –obituary by Jean-Jaques Lebel; Yoko Ono’s ‘Unfinished Paintings and Objects’ notice for show at Indica Gallery, 102 Southampton Row, where she met John Lennon etc; Adrian Mitchell poem- ‘Make or Break’ written for Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of US, a play about Vietnam with Glenda Jackson; Report on the Warsaw International Festival of Music & portrait of Penderecki; Bob Cobbing’s Group H exhibition; Destruction In Art Symposium (DIAS); review of ‘She’ –ninety-foot-long woman built by Nikki de Saint Phslle, Jean Tinguely and Olof Ultvedt in the Stockholm Museum of modern Art; for Indica Gallery; Jeff Nuttall cartoon; Simon Vinkenoog on Provo in Amsterdam; report on Timothy Leary’s spiritual stage show from Bubu in New York; Peter Asher’s pop column; LSD; Dope prices; ‘What’s Happening’ listings reveal ‘Pink Floyd Mix Media Show’ at

LondonFree School, All Saints Hall / Bert Jansch at St Pancras Town Hall; Roland Kirk at Ronnie Scott’s; Karma boutique opens...


it2 Oct 31 –Nov 13 1966: Yoko Ono; Report on the IT launch party at The Roundhouse Pink Floyd / Soft Machine/Paul McCartney Ezra Pound’s unpublished wartime broadcasts on Radio Rome; The Living Theatre’s Frankenstein script; William Burroughs’ film script Towers Open Fire;  Robert Fraser Gallery; Peter Brook, Charles Marowitz, Morton Feldman, Man of Grass - George Andrews, Interpot Report No 3, Underground Film Festival Supplement -  run-down of underground movies of the time including Dutch Provo movies and London Film Makers Co-Op; Andrew Meyer - US filmmaker; Kim Fowley - Portrait of a Freak; Censorship and/or Pornography;  cartoon strip by  Jeff Nuttall (calls himself Sodall here), Berlin Living Theatre, Stockholm's Fylkingen,




it3 Nov 14-27 1966: William Burroughs –The Invisible Generation 1; Ray Durgnat; article by Morton Feldman; American War crimes in Vietnam by Bertrand Russell cc

it4 No 28th – Dec 1966: Mastheads by Marijke Koger despite the constraints of letterpress, IT was turning psychedelic.....; Dick Gregory interview; Alexander Trocchi and Sigma; anti-Vietnam demos; happenings in Amsterdam, alternative Sweden, Denmark, Norway, India, Rome, New York, London; Censorship;  Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Beatniks of Berlin; Takis at the Indica, reviews of Albert Ayler, Farenheit 451, guide to Soho strip clubs; cartoon strip: Jeff Nuttall (calling himself Jeff Farkall) in this one) -12pp

it5 Dec 1966: Message to the Queen;


it 5.5Rare Michael English issue, ‘cut-out word machine poster’; solvent on white signed...etc; William Burroughs –The Invisible Generation     *cc




it6 16-29 January 1967:  Burroughs; Norman Mailer on Vietnam War ; long interview by MILES (Murphy) with Paul McCartney.


it7 Jan 30th-Feb 12th 1967:’ Arrest the Home Secretary’, 'Hendrix is here to Stay'; UFO underground event; and UFO's - ''Flying saucers as a portent of the revelations which will attend the opening of the Aquarian age” –John Michell; South Africa; Moscow; Alan Ginsberg; Vietnam; Mushroom (Danish Music scene); Hare Krishna, Censorship; Interpot; John Wilcocks- Other Scenes; Munich Newsletter, A Liverpool story by Brian Patten; Traverse Theatre Company.


 it8   Feb 13th-Feb 26th 1967: Pete Townsend interview - two pages; Jeff Nuttall comic strip; report on race in Cuba; Alan Ginsberg feature 'Reflections on the Mantra'; Gary Sender feature 'Buddhism and the Coming Revolution'; The Diggers Mystique; Censorship; “where the new 'underground' is going and what its priorities should be......” newly developing eastern inspired counter-culture art….. 16pp


it9   Feb27-Mar 12th 1967:  John Wilcock’s – Other Scenes; Jean Paul Sartre; LA Provosmoke; P.J. Proby; The Living Theatre; Censorship; Tuli Kupferberg – 16 pages.


it10  Mar 13-26 1967: Police raid on Indica Books & IT; Frank Zappa interview and    photo; Pink Floyd versus Psychelphia; LBJ with smoking gun on back cover


it 10.5 Easter 1967: Emergency Broadside issue; red on mustard coloured paper, with psychedelic artwork by Mike McInnery Double sided single A3 issued partly to make money to cover the legal cost of Its first police raid and also to give update on countering the police action. Paul McCartney (who donated £500 to the relief fund); R.D. Laing


it 11


it 12




Editor: Jack Henry Moore


it13  May 19th-June 2nd 1967: / George Harrison Interview; Announcement of

Monterey Pop Festival; ad for My White Bicycle by Tomorrow / The Doors, Da Capo; Amsterdam Provos; Pink Floyd; identifying drug use.....16 pp


it14  June 2 “All Human Life For Sale”;

Sgt Pepper's full page Ad; Pink Floyd at UFO club; Michael X; Jimi Hendrix article and pic; The Who by Mick Farren; Simon Vinkenoog.


It 14.5 –‘Summer Sadness for John Hopkins’ Hopkins’s Bust half-issue; ‘Hapshash and the Coloured Coat’ poster by Michael English

it 14.75 poster by Sue Miles of flower springing from box “Free Hoppy”

it15 June 16th 1967 :  “Free Hoppy”,– John Hopkins imprisoned; Police raid IT, mags seized –ordered returned; Berlin riot Uprising v Shah of Iran’s visit. Pink Floyd at UFO; Review of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls; Good Vibrations club; Pot Smokers Alliance, anti-police squads; Jeff Nuttall as Jay Phundle;  events in Sweden, reviews of underground movies including Dali/Bunuel, Rene Claire, Man Ray –12pp

it15.25 mimeographed flyer/ handbill issued at Hopkins’ arrest for possession of hash. Reprinted in ‘Watch Out Kids’


it16  June 30th-July 14th 1967: "IN THEIR HEARTS THEY KNOW WE'RE RIGHT (Your Inactivity Put The Stones Inside) - PLAY IN THE PARKS YOU MUST...YOU CAN” Charles Lloyd; Interview with John Lee Hooker; Miles report from NYC re. the East Village Scene and Ed Sanders/ Fugs / Grateful Dead, Tompkins Park Square; Timothy Leary in Millbrook; Exploding Galaxy; David Medela; “next week IT will publish a half issue for the Rolling Stones; Letters: Pete Fryer / Suzie Creamcheese ; Running Man Books; Jeff Nuttall strip; CYN' - 'IT Girl' centre page pin-up (Coke can..) Middle East; Half-page ad for Indica Books; Letters from Anton Artaud to Anais Nin; Arthur Brown at UFO club; Social Deviants at Happening 44 ad.   


Published by? from: 22 Betterton Street, London WC2. Editor: Bill Levy

it17   July 28th-Aug 24th 1967: Original issue: “Time Is On Our Side” Ginsberg cover Rolling Stones’ Bust; Interview with Michael Abdul Malik; Dialectics Of Liberation review of The People Show, UFO Club;  Exploding Galaxy and The Arts Lab; Kleptomania; Yoko Ono – Bottom film. 16pp


it17  July 28th-Aug 24th 1967 Second edition 'colour reprint' in green (15,000 first edition sold out)


it 18 Aug 31-Sep 13: William Burroughs; Zappa –Mothers of Invention libretto for Absolutely Free and the portrait which formed the basis for the 1960’s poster known as ‘Zappa on the Krappa’; Buckminster Fuller;/ Michael X; adverts for Oz Magazine, UFO.  



it19  Oct 5th-20th 1967:  Aleister Crowley – the proto-hippie; Alex Trocchi; Leslie Fieder; LSD gene damage & acid report; Crazy World of Arthur Brown ad; Jefferson Airplane ad, and Yoko Ono Lisson Gallery ad.


it20 Oct 27-Nov 9th 1967: “Consenting Adults –The IT Boys”; UFO club dies; Ezra Pound’s wartime speeches; Arthur Brown; “How good are your orgasms? - magical love making”; Tom Paine; Living Theatre; People Show; New York 'Tribes Free Store & Day Glo Paint'; interview with Arthur Brown; Exploding Galaxy; John Peel's Perfumed Garden; the trial of Michael X,; sexual-political intrigue in Sikkim; ads for Jefferson Airplane, Middle Earth, Kleptomania, Organic Arts Posters, Yoko Ono, Ron Geesin, Granny Takes a Trip.



It21 Nov 17-30th 1967: “Kill All Blacks!”     


it22  Dec15th-28 1967: Magical Mystery Tour full page ad / Brion Gysin, Julian Beck and The Living Theatre, John Peel’s Perfumed Garden column, SOMA .




it 22.5 New Year 1968: ‘Instant Information poster – ‘Happy New Year Immortalise Yourself ’by Mal Dean ; –Theda Bara IT logo


it23 Jan 5-19th 1968:  Henry Irving (pornography).



it24 Jan 19th-Feb 1st 1968: Fritz Teufel; Roy Lichenstein; Jeff Nuttall;


it 25 Feb 2-15, 1968.  Green cover with Mushroom, 2/3 page Gilbert Shelton cartoon; Article re. Leroi Jones incarceration in New Jersey; Tribe of the Sacred Mushroom; Timothy Leary; John Cage and Captain Beefheart. cc


it26 Feb 16 - 29 1968: ‘appropriated’ International Situationist strip on cover; Allen Ginsberg and the Maharishi, The Free University; Family Dog and Middle Earth ads, J.G. Ballard’s poem- Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan.



it27 March 8-21 1968:

Smokin' Mickey!, Design for Positive Effectiveness -3d cover attempt???); French Cinema; the international underground in Berlin, Finland, Sweden; De Stijl at the Camden Arts Centre,;Yugoslav Cinema; big ads for Fairport Convention and Incredible String Band, John Peel's Perfumed Garden, Special Pop Supplement with A to Z of artists;, police raid Middle Earth; the Mary Finnigan bust story.............      


it28 April 5-18 1968: Amsterdam Fantasio & Paradiso; Berlin Commune News; Chicago Yippies and the Democratis convention; Stockholm, phallic magicians open fire at moon event; a guide to macrobiotic food; Rome – The first European Festival with Pink Floyd, The Nice, Family, Fairport Convention; Yoga, Sex and the Magic Mushroom; The Hyde Park Diggers; Perfumed Garden  column by John Peel.


it29 April 19 – May 2; Rudi Dutschke Interview; Victory Thru Vegetables by Greg Sams – cc


it30 May 3-16 1968: It discovers offset litho printing... Experimental layout consisting of a series of two page spreads mapping out the alternative scene. Centre pages consist of a huge map of the ‘three villages’ of Notting Hill – ‘Interzone’; Ads for Middle Earth, Tintern Abbey (band) OZ, Incredible String Band – 12 pp



it31 May 17-30 1968: Co-ordinated by John Hopkins; Sounds/Music Special:  Grateful Dead and San Francisco Free City; William Burroughs ’23 Skidoo Eristic Elite; Jefferson Airplane; extended interview with Mick Jagger by Miles, over three pages; news on Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Liverpool Scene, The Byrds, Ocean (Swedish), Chris McGreggor.  News of Release, Hyde Park Diggers, news from Jail, tribal stirrings around the country..


it32 May 31 June 13 1968: Paris Free issue! “Special Rush: Paris Alt. Society Now. UK: 1/6, Paris:Free;” BIT Information Service; Tribe Time –The Eternal Yoni; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Michael X; German Art


 *IT workers ad hoc committee. Member of UPS.

Co-Ordination: Robert Tasher; Words: Peter Stansill; Kip Gallagher; Images/Layout: Graham Keen; Business: Dave Hall; Other activity (Board of Trustees.): Haynes/Moore/Henshaw/Miles/Levy/Samuel


it33 June 14-27:Front and rear page open into poster illustration- “Flight of The Bethlehem Star: A Space Poem Revealed” by Michael English; Aleister Crowley –The Golden Dawn; The Constant Flux – news from around the world; Guerilla Pop by Mick Farren; article by Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine; Who’s Afraid of Icarus? (asteroid); The Hindu Trinity; Tribe Time 2  



Published by “IT Workers co-op”:

it34 June 28 –July 11th 1968: Final City – a feature from the San Francisco Oracle (one of the original underground newspapers); Hornsey College of Art / London School of Economics student unrest; Reviews of the United States of America (band), Mick Farren’s Social Deviants; Inter-Action’s Ambiance lunch-hour theatre; Hermine Demoriane – Paris report; Mothers of Invention; Small Faces; John Coltrane; Miles Davis; The Nice; SOMA and Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park; Pyramid Perspectives; Copenhagen news


it35  July 12-25th 1968: Black Panthers and the trial of Huey P Newton; Revolutionary Politics in France; John Osbourne; Letter from John Lennon; LSD; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Salvador Dali; Nude Demos; Message of the Pyramids; Politics of the Imagination; Midsummer Raga; J.LGoddard; Tribe Time..


Copyright IT. (Printing, Publishing & Promotions Ltd.)


it36  July 26 – Aug 8th 1968: Castro Cover; “Happy Birthday Revolution”; Digger energy; Head Quest -cc


it37   Aug 9-22 1968: Cover by ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’; Meher Baba; Matisse at the Hayward; Rasputin, Spooky tooth, South Africa; Anti-Vietnam demos; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Takis;Middle Earth’s Magical Mystery Tour; speed; Goddard – cc 20pp


Published by Knullar (Printing, Publishing & Promotions) Ltd.


it38  Aug 23 – Sep 5 1968: Explanation that although IT is still to be published by IT Workers’ Co-operative, the new registered name of Its publisher is now Knullar, standing for Karmic Neo-Universal League for Liberty And Reality.

Jesus Christ – Reward; poster cover; Police Theatre; pivotal letter ‘from an over 30’ by Geoffrey Ashe; -cc


it39  Sep 6-19th 1968: Jean Luc Goddard interview; piece by RD Laing; Mexico City’68; The Doors, review and pics; Butterfield Blues band and Grateful Dead; Family; James Taylor; Interview with Ustad Vilayat Khan; Kicking Dope In Brum; Presidents and Pigs; Back page ad for Apple –first four releases (Jacky Lomax, Black Dyke Mills Band, Hey Jude); centre page poster –Juniors Eyes


it40 Sep 20-Oct 3 1968:” Underground Construction” -  Emmanuel Petrakis; “Love and Fornication”, 3-part series –Theodore Faithfull (Marianne’s father..); Principal Edwards Magic Theatre design centre spread; The Fugs; report from Melbourne; Australia;Jefferson Airplane; reviews of the Fugs; and the first 4 singles on Apple Records. "Black Power or Death" by Obi Egbuna


Published from 27 Endell Street WC2:


it41   Oct 4-17 1968: Norman Mailer interview; Love & Censorship; Olympics of repression; Love and Fornication" part 2 by Theodore Faithfull; John Peel's Perfumed Garden features Captain Beefheart "Strictly Personal"; An article on the Poetry International Festival by Mike Chapman; Also Simon Stable, Jo-Anne Kelly, Janis Joplin and Deep Purple; Full page ads for Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and Tim Buckley & David Ackles. Half page ads for Jethro Tull and Traffic


it42  Oct 18–31 1968:  Cover: IT girl with Birthday cake (2nd anniversary; variant covers -  one version is yellow and purple and one is in blue and orange);  South Africa; The Birth of Autonome – a report from Zurich; New York Trauma; review of Frank Zappa; Presidential elections; feature: From Rock to Acid Rock; ads for Tiny Tim, Incredible String Band, Phil Ochs; The Fugs


it43  Nov 1-14th 1968: Third Ear Band; Alternative education; Workless Society; Revolution; Notting Hill Tribe; 50 years of Feminism; Censorship, Animation in Film;

 Electric Flag; Mike Cooper; "The Workless Society" by Herber Lomas, "Compulsory Mis-education" by Emmanuel Petrakis and "In the Reservation" by Courtney Tulloch.


it44  Nov 15 – 28 1968: ‘Harmony’- 7 John Lennon drawings; Grosvenor Square anti-Vietnam war demo –what went wrong?; ‘Magic music, nova music and pink’ – Acid Rock review; Generals in Greece; The Yippies; Theatre of Change; (‘Christ would not be a stranger to you.’)  


it45  Nov 29-Dec 12 1968 : Lennon/Ono Two Virgins ad; Herbert Macuse; Alternative Italy; Dr John; Captain Beefheart; Grateful Dead; Daevid Allen /Soft Machine; Beatles White Album reviewed; SF Sorrow; The Workless Society; Ralph McTell; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Dury Lane Arts Lab split; London Film Festival; Was Hey Jude a message to Dylan......



it46 Dec 13 – 27 1968:



it47  Jan 1-16th 1969: ‘Know Yourself!’; Love and Socialism; Hells Angels; Naked In The New Age; The Social Deviants; supergroup- Crosby, Stills and Nash; Ten Years After; A guide to Police Searches; John Peel; Australia; South Africa; Spain; USA  Lennon/Ono - Two Virgins ad


it48   Jan 17-30th 1969: Biafra “–genocide as spectator sport”; Northern Ireland –The rocky Road to Derry; Kinetic Art Middle Earth ad; Pot culture; Guyana; understanding America...


it49   Jan 31-Feb 13 1969: Satish Kumar’s imaginary interview with Mahatma Gandhi; Buckminster Fuller; Aleister Crowley and Sexual Magick; review of William Burroughs Naked Lunch trilogy; Art & Society – Jeff Nuttall. Black Culture- White Culture- Chinese Culture; Legalise Dope Campaign; Squatting; Steve Dwoskin’s Hot Nudes paintings; underground scene in Sydney; alternative Brum –


it50   Feb 14 -27 1969: LSE riots; Soviet attack on Czechoslovakia ; legal aspects of renting a home; Incredible String Band, Tyrannosaurus Rex ads.


it51    Feb 28 –March 23 1969: Meher Baba; Paris and LSE riots; Lawrence Ferlinghetti /Drawings of Laurel & Hardy under THC.


it52   March 14-27 1969


it53 Mar 28 - April 10 1969: Black Power; cover illustration –Mal Dean; Rolling Stones; Hendrix 2- page interview with Jane de Mendelssohn; Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper; MC5 and John Peel's Perfumed Garden; Cum comics featuring Spiegal & Sschliegal; Articles on Anguilla, Genesis squat busted; "Swedes Mummify Underground as Acid Returns", "It's all over on Haight Street" and "Road to Rahajamapoor" by Michael Chapman. Also the Wonderful World of Waldo Womb; ads for Janis Joplin, Colosseum, Family, Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments, Keef Hartley, Captain Beefheart and Pink Floyd; Hard Meat;


Music: Mark Williams

it54   April 11-24 1969 : Art Lab-otomy / Emmett Grogan/ Berlin – The Politics of Acid;  Country Joe McDonald, Robert Plant / Led Zeppelin, Hard Meat, the Edgar Broughton Band and Forest. John Peel's Perfumed Garden; Simon Stable; Articles on ‘Head Light’ Light Shows and the Turquoise Pantomime.


it55: April 1969: (Says ‘1960’ on cover) The Nice/Full-page ad for Beatles ‘Get Back’; ’Sydney Scene;Camden Arts Festival; The Man from Galactic Central –an overview of Scientology; H.PLovecraft (band) review.


it56   May 9-22 1969


it57 May 23 -12 1969


it58 June 13-28 1969: Latin America – military takeover; Peoples Park, Berkeley, California; Alex Trochi – Watch that gnome; The adventures of Jerry Cornelius, cartoon strip based on Michael Moorcock; Frank Zappa versus the Incredible Hulk; Pete Townsend on Tommy; King Crimson interview; The LSD of Underground Rock; ‘Trudy’ – comic strip; Improve your Sex Life; ads for Oz, East of Eden; Strawbs; Tyrannosaurus Rex.


it59   July 4-17th 1969: Interview with Mick Jagger; half- page ad -  Fairport Convention;  full page- Family plus articles on Sun Ra and Michael Moorcock.  R.D.Laing.and Felix Scorpio discuss psychiatric treatments and the use of psychogenic drugs; Revolution: The Method of Revelation; Full page ad for Plastic Ono Band, "Give Peace a Chance"; Edward’s Music commix;


it60   July 17-30 1969: Moon Landing: Moon IT cover by Mike McInnery; Brian Jones obituary;  Doors film; Stones In Hyde Park


It61 Aug 1 -14th 1969: The reader as UFO;


It62 Aug 14 -28th 1969:              


it63   Aug 29 1969- Sep 11 1969: Non-Space Issue;’You Can’t Even Say What It Is..’ -  Interview with George Harrison; The Commune in St Ives; Frank Zappa interview; Neil Young article; ad for Easy Rider; Third Ear Band -  extended interview; Robert Fripp feature; Lord Buckley; Bonzo Dog Band; The Nice- reviews.


it64   Sep 12-25th 1969 – ‘The Times cover’ Apple Hare Krishna ad; Implosion/Coon letters; Editorial - Are We? Are you? Is it? Directions for paper discussed. Graphic of it girl in tears / Jerry Cornelius - Moorcock


it65    Sep28-Oct 9 1969 Plug & Socket music issue; the main paper published separately: Dave Arbus letter: Caroline Coon & Implosion; Graham Bond ; 'Abbey Rd' Ad; ‘Bovver issue...   


it66*   Oct 10th-23 1969: Plus INSERT -explaining take over and attempt at occupation  of IT’s publisher Knullar- written by both the 'International Times Lot’ and ‘London Street Commune Lot’'; Jane Arden interview ; SCUM; end to sexism; London Street Commune Ron Bailey; Squatting...(Plug and Socket insert?) Arts Labs;  Chicago Six trial; alternative psychiatry, poems by Pete Brown, Julian Beck, Spike Hawkins, cartoons by Mal Dean, Violence in Britain; cartoon strip - Jerry Cornelius


(International Free Press November 1969: – Counter- IT. One Issue published.)

it67   Nov 6-20th 1969: Post-take over attempt issue - editorials.../”To Be Attacked                     By The Enemy is Not A Bad Thing” / Launch of Middle Earth Records /John                               & Yoko Wedding Album full page of album reviews including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Love, Led Zeppelin, It's a Beautiful Day, Mighty Baby and Juicy Lucy; full page ads for Quintessence, Middle earth Records, Traffic, John & Yoko Wedding Album. Half page ads for Doors and Love, and Terry Reid.



Words: “Editorial group...”

it68   Nov21-Dec 4 1969: Interview with activist DC of The Black Panther Party; Marquis de Sade; report of biological/chemical weapons in relation to Vietnam War; People Not Psychiatry; Little Richard – ‘The Original Hippie’; Led Zeppelin; Biafra –A Blueprint; Great Grass Famine by Abbie Hoffman – cc 24pp


Edward Barker joins Graham Keen in Design....Joy Farren: What’s Happening..


it69   Dec 5th-17th 1969 – ‘Diversion & Subversion’, IT Busted for Gay contact ads; Vienna; lots from Manchester scenes; S E London squatters; Ten Years After; Atomic Rooster; Meher Baba / Black Country Blues / Stackwaddy /  –cc


Mick Farren returns to music section...

it70 Dec 18 -  1969: IT game; Black Panthers;



it71   Jan 14th - 28th 1970: “Beautify Junkyards! Throw Something                              Lovely Away Today” ; feature; Music IT ten-page section; (great graphic -The Last Plastic Cries of a Decade); Live Peace, Lennon ad; Munich scene; The Fourth World; Pollution; Hemp; Brighton Combination feature - the rock scene, squatting, marina, university, alternative press; reviews of Captain Beefheart, Kevin Ayres, Live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West, Joe Cocker, Mike Bloomfield, Fairport Convention, Plastic Ono Band, The Stones in Concert, Area Code 615, Bukka White, Keef Hartley, Humble Pie, Golden Earring, Bonzo Dogs, Humble Pie; full-page ads for Blood Sweat & Tears, Spirit, Johnny Winter; the scene in Munich; Dropout Mirror; Charvak; ads for Pink Floyd and Canned Heat; Reggae News, full-page cartoon strip by Michael Moorcock & Mal Dean 'The Cornelius Question - A Final Solution', Speakers Corner. 


it72 Jan 28 1970: APSZX YIK TOQ DINJ RUPLHNK: Frank Zappa


it73: Feb 1970; IT in court; Spirit / Quintessence / Altamont / Principal Edwards Magic Theatre;


it74: Feb 27 - Mar 13 1970: Guest editor, Miles; Allen Ginsberg on the dangers of speed; William Burroughs on mind control; Chicago conspiracy trial; first  Furry Freak Brothers strip; John Lennon, Yoko Ono interview; Alexander Trochi on Project Sigma;  London as 24-hour city –Miles; –cc


it75: March 1970: Time Travel and Mind Swap. Priced in Francs, guilders and Deutschmarks for European distribution; Rick Griffin cover; Time Travel; Mick Farren; full page advert for Beatles’ Let It Be.


it76 March 27-Apr 8 1970: South Africa/Winnie Mandela; Connie Mathews –Black action; Fairport Convention; Black Panthers at Earl’s Court; Agent Orange article;


it77 April 9-14 1970:” Where have all the hippies gone?”Tuli Kupferberg poem; Frank Zappa on Hippies; Genocide In Sudan; Pornography;’Grass Eye’- Manchester; the Australian Underground; St Ives Festival; Ray Gosling reviews ‘Counter Culture’; Sue Miles on Mandrax; Chicago conspiracy; Fotheringay; Yes; Mothers of Invention by Miles; 1970 Pop Proms…


it78 April 24-May 7th 1970: Civil War in Northern Ireland; news on the Kray twins; news from America including the Chicago conspiracy trial, Black Panthers being persecuted, The Weathermen and Womens Liberation;  Race riots; The Gnomes (post psychedelic Provo -type phenomena in Amsterdam (lots on this city which IT nominated the 'head' city of Europe);  Australia; San Francisco, the early days of the eco movement; Touch & Taste Cinema; Real Time Television, songs of the Revolution, Living Theatre, reviews of Brinsley Shwarch, Spooky Tooth, Van Morrison, The Doors, The Stooges; Miles reviews Incredible String Band, interview with Elton John; Living theatre Declaration; New Left Crib Sheet; Miles v Snyder on eco-urbanism; Black Dwarf; Scenario for The Future –Yippie Land ad from Jerry Rubin. – ( A great issue!)


it 79 May 8-21 1970:” Is There A Life Before Death?” Elvis Interview; Timothy Leary article: The Dealer Is the New Robin Hood; Essex Three conspiracy; LSE; American Black cinema; Media Rape by Mick Farren; Grope Notes Towards A Newspaper –assesment of IT and underground papers as ‘outlaw’ press.



it 80 June 5 -18 1970:” Vote Galactus for Law ‘n’ Order”; centre page Raoul Vaneigen’s ‘Tralte du Savoir Vivre’; Alternative Lifestyles In The USA; Phun City ads; Woodstck film;




it81 June 18 –July 3 1970: William Burroughs – answers criticisms of new book The Job by Julian Mitchell’s Guardian review; Tuli Kupferberg -  letter from New York; Abbie Hoffman –Extract from Woodstock Nation; Holland –‘The Goblins have arrived’ 50,000 vote for De Kabouter Kommen party; A GTO is an average Hollywood child; Underground publishing in Manchester;

it82 July 3 – 16 1970 

it83 July 1970: Nixon’s Plans To Declare 4th Reich

it84 July 30 –Aug 13 1970: Daily Grind Supplement;


it85 Aug 13 1970: ‘Nude Woman, London Pigs & Rebel Musician :Multiple L.S.D – Rape Suicide Bid’;( headline of the era..); John Sinclair; Phun City; Abbie Hoffman; Isle of Wight poster; Twink/Pink Fairies; cc


it86 Aug 27 –Sep 10 1970: ‘Mafia control Tamla Motown’;


it87  Sep 10-24th 1970: “Jagger's Sadist Movie Finally Released”: 'Performance' /                                    Amateur Cinema -The Real Underground; White Panther Party forms at  Isle of Wight festival; IOW Festival report by Mick Farren;



it88 Sep 24-Oct 8, 1970: Cover is a large photo of Hendrix with the caption "Jimi Hendrix, Born Seattle 1945, Died London 1970”; Timothy Leary's Jailbreak; Charles Manson; Stan Lee centrespread; Adverts for Rod Stewart, Jimmy Campbell, Caravan and Black Sabbath. 

it89 8-22 Oct 1970: ‘Dope Runs Out’; IT and OZ trial reports; Hawkwind; White Panthers; Timothy Leary


it90 Oct 22-Nov 5th 1970:  


it91  Nov 5th -19th 1970: 'Strange Days' magazine collapse and Mark Williams’ statement; Chad / Manson / Hippies - Jean Jacques Lebel ; Weberman on Dylan;


it92   Nov 19-Dec 3 1970: New look for jailbird Manson; IT guilty of Public Decency, bust; Yippies Invade David Frost Show + pics; Oz trial development; Bob Dylan ‘New Morning’ review; White Panthers Party; Pete Jenner Interview; Gay Lib; Fat Freddy’s Cat


it93   Dec 3 -17 1970: ‘We Are All Outlaws’ / Miss World Competition ; All                                                        Things Must Pass ad –George Harrison (Apple?) ; Big Brother At the BBC –special IT report-cc


it94   Dec 17-31 1970: First Angry Brigade communiqué;  Plastic Ono Band ad; Rod Stewart ‘racist’ interview - cc



it95   31 Dec 1970 - 14th Jan 1971: Drugs ‘n’ Sex! Mad Cop – Clean-up Liff plunders OZ Again..? The Bikers – 2-page extract from Hell’s Angels book; Up Against The Wall Galactus; Bob Dylan – A.J. Weberman’s Rubbish; Communications and Growth


it96 Jan –Feb 1971: Gene Vincent cover Angry Brigade communiqué #?; Frank Zappa; 


it97  Feb 1971: Gene Vincent cover; Angry Brigade – Mad Bombers Blow Minds; Velvet Underground interview; Bob Dylan; In-depth Frank Zappa interview re.200 Motels 14 Nov ’70; Robert Crumb;  Tupamaros -National Liberation Movement of Uruguay; Pre-release preview of Dylan’s Tarantula novel –cc


it98 Feb-March 1971: Andy Warhol on Art; cc


it99  March 11th -25th 1971: Psychedelic Genocide by Michael Aldrich; The Holy Grail  Charles Manson Interview ; Gene Vincent; Pink Fairies; Velvet U/G  'Loaded ‘ review;


it100  25 March-5 April 1971: Anniversary issue; Hendrix; Rolling Stones- cc


it101 April 6 – 21 1971: Weathermen, Monty Python, Angry Brigade Communique No7 


it102  April 22-May 6:: Rock & Dope Special / Felix Scorpio (ex-it ed) & Jo Stevens on arson charge / Mother Shipton / Grateful Dead interview / Incredible String Band review /Tom Hayden review /centre page poster 1:


it103   May 6-20 1971: centre page poster2: ‘Super Free Cut-out Jesus Mask cover; Black Panthers: Huey Newton & Eldridge Cleaver; Son of UFO advert; Pink Fairies; Massive drugs section; Jean Jaques Lebel on Rock Culture; Knights Templars; Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; Sticky Fingers Review; Mott The Hoople  


it104   May 19- June 2 1971: Come Together Now’ centre page poster 3: Gay Brothers and Sisters; IT probes Shoplifting;


it105   June 2-16 1971: INK spoof cover; Prescott / Purdie trial;centre page poster #4 .



it106  June 16 – Adolf Hitler – History of a Global Psychopath; Alice Cooper interview; What Dylan Does With His Money;


it107 1-15 July 1971: Dennis Hopper interview ; OZ trial poster; First Virgin Mail Order ads / Great IT graphic for Independence Day Festival of Life -Stop the Machine


it108 July 15th-29 (wrongly numbered 105): Jim Morrison RIP, cover; OZ Trial; Festival Reviews including Glastonbury Fayre by Mick Farren; Elastic OZ Band, 'God Save Oz'  -Apple full page advert; Richard Nixon;


it109 July 29th - Aug 12th 1971:- ad for Apple 36 ‘God Save Oz'; Release;


Published by Bloom...


it110 Aug 12- 1971: OZ trial riots; John & Yoko interview re. Grapefruit (3.5pp), plus on back cover Yoko Ono Grapefruit Game; 24pp cc


it111  Aug 26th-Sep 9th 1971: Angry Politics; OZ demo with Lennon; William Blake and the Druids; reviews of The Doors, Mothers of Invention, Byrds; ad for God Save Oz –cc



it112 Sep9th - 23 197: -OZ trial / A Letter From Pete Townsend;  Get Off My Cloud . I Quit By Abbie Hoffman . How To Subvert Your Skool; Weeley Festival Report; Apple Records Full Page OZ Advert ( See Scan ); .The Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz; George Jackson; The Adventures Of Sgt. Smack . The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; Readers Letters;


it113  Sep 23- Oct 7 1971: How god and J.Edgar Hoover plan to sick the hippies..; R. Buckminster Fuller; The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz; Furry Freak Brothers; God supplement: National Festival of Light


it114  Oct 7-21 1971: Fifth Birthday issue: MC5 by Dave Marsh; Festival of light report –Divine Light Mission: Guru Maharaj; Apology from John Sinclair; Chymical Wedding pt 2; Bo Bo Bolinski Rrobert Crumb-


it115  Oct 21-Nov 7th 1971: Imagine ad

it116  Nov 4th -18th 1971: Yoko album ad; Buckminster Fuller

it117 18 Nov-2 Dec 1971: Hell’s Angels interview;

it118  Dec 2-16 1971: Letter to the Green Berets from the IRA;


it 119 Dec 16-30th 1971: “Busted Again”; Plenty Jolly Crimble issue; Nasty Tales; Rolling Stone Magazine occupation;; Angry Brigade; 200 Motels; Alice Cooper; Paranoia-the board game;  Richard Brautigan short story; S Clay Wilson strip; Fanny; Furry Freak Brothers  -cc                                                                                                                                                                                                         



it120 30 Dec 1971 - 13 Jan 1972:  Psychedelic Fascism –Manson; Dylan,Bowie-reviews; 1971 reviews: Why..? large pull-out calendar cc                                                                                                                                     


it121 Jan 1972: Glasgow; Psychiatry; Lenny Bruce –A Day In The Life Of; Dead Sea Valley; Midnight Raiders;


it122 Jan 27- 1972: Stoke Newington 8 – Angry Brigade Trial; Rastafarian Cry; Ireland for the Irish; Lenny Bruce –A Day in the Life Of 2; Yoko Ono full- page ad -


it123 Feb 10 1972: Thor Lives


it124 Feb 24-9th March 1972:The Last Issue’ -ad for 'Give Ireland Back To The Irish' –MaCartney and Wings; 



A4 size:


It125- cc


it126   March 24 1972: - John Hurford (OZ) Cover Artwork (one of two versions, one blue/green; one red/orange and yellow);

Bob Dylan ' How Does It Feel ?’- Part 2 Of The IT Dylan Biography;  Home Secretary Maudling  In US Real Estate Fraud ; Fabulous Freak Brothers;  Rock Liberation ( It Ain't Just Money ) By Mick Farren; .Ecology ' Death Of An Ocean' (The Irish Sea Is Dying); . Vampires ( Walk Among Us ) In Myth And Legend By Joy Farren; The Pyramids.                                                                



it127  April 6th 1972: A4 newsprint:  The Family: Charles Manson & the Hollywood Death Cult: Ed Sanders interviewed; Mark Lane: Assassination USA; Fear & Loathing In Afghanistan


it128: April 20th 1972: A4 gloss: Grateful Dead; Womens Liberation; IRAland


it129  May 4th 1972 May 1972:Tom Wolfe; Marshall McLuhan


it130  May 18th 1972: Marc Bolan Front Cover : Who Needs Him ?; Vietnam By John Conquest’ - Will They Survive The Seventies ?; Abortion; . ' At Last ! He Snuffs It '- J.Edgar Hoover Obituary; A.J.Weberman Beats Up Phil Spector;  Bunnie - Wunnies By  Edward; Roddy Kentish Jailed For Being Black; Gangsters ' Shot Like A Bandit By The Cops ' Joy Farren; Mud Slide Slim; Bickershaw Festival Report Inc. Ppictures / words on Grateful Dead; Captain Beefheart ; New Riders; Dr.John ; Dream Machine; Vietnam )  





it 131 June 1st 1972: Schoolkids IT?; - cc


it132 June 19th 1972; A4 newsprint: Lick Dick In ‘72 


it133 July 6 1972: USA photo feature; Howard Hughes;


A3 folded (published by Bloom)

it134 July 27 1972: How to be a Gangster; Mr Natural


it135: Sep 1972: Belfast ; Robert Crumb ; Cocaine report; Underground Press Review; Baader Meinhof Campaign



it136 Sep 1972:  Vietnam G.I. Mutiny by Richard Boyle / Mick Farren: Rock Sex & Dopicide/ Police Power & Blacks; Stoke Newington 8;Mr Natural strip; Reading Festival by Richard Neville


it137 Sep 9th 1972: Eldridge Cleaver; Black Panthers; Mafia and the American dream; Lennon & Ono; Windsor Free Festival cc


it138  Sep 18th 1972: Angela Davis trial report;    

it139  Oct 4-18 1972: 6th Birthday issue; special filth Supplement   


it140  Oct 18- Nov 1 1972 : “Hitler Cleared; The Man Who (Almost) Shot JFK; George Lennox; Fascism in Britain; The Largactilites; ad for Lennon’s Sometime In New York City; Lennon/Zappa; reviews - cc


it141 Nov 2 –  1972 Rolling Stones picture feature;





A3 unfolded


it142 Nov 17 - Dec 1972: Vietnam Vets report; How Not to build that electronic device;  


it 143 Dec 2-16 1972: Royal Family In Bed; Dope and the Multinationals; Pink Fairies; Nixon – Jerry Rubin & The Yippie Party Line   )



it 144 Dec 14 -10 Jan 1973: Nasty Tales Trial cover; Angry Brigade trial; Thalidomide poster: ‘Make Distillers Pay’; JFK: Speed freak?; German Elections - a Willy Brandt new era; Ireland; Kim Fowley


it145 Jan 11-25 1973: Ex-Digger Emmett Grogan; Oz Trial musical in NYC; Fritz The Cat; ’Monotony Maker’ Melody Maker parody; Mick Farren revisits The Okay Corral.


it146 Jan – Feb 1973: Mao cover; Howard Hughes –The Sordid Truth; Fritz the Cat; Clockwork Orange –original film advert; Velikorski; John Hopkins ;Steeleye Span


it147 Feb 9 -23 1973:



it148 Feb 23 1973: Ginsberg: The Old Fairy Speaks –interview from Cherry Valley; Yoko Ono; Fag Rock; New York Dolls


it149  8-22 March 1973: Andy Warhol - David Bailey's banned TV Doc; Jim Morrison / Pornography; German Rock; Firesign Theatre; Jackie Onassis;- cc


it150 March 22 –April 5th – “Roman Polanski’s Prick In Pure Gold” / Last Tango –The Unbuttered Facts /Pirate Radio – cc


it151  April 5th - 19th 1973: Timothy Leary –Acid In the Dock; Ginsberg–Full Circle; Jailhouse Roll; Enoch Powell’s backers; Belfast


it152 Apr 20-May 4 1973:



it153 May 4-17 1973:




it154 17-31 May 1973: Watergate Made Easy; Scientology –An Expensive Voyage; Lindsay Anderson interview, A Clockwork Candide; Euro-Squatting; Street Drugs survey; Edie Sedgwick, Ciao! Manhattan premiere;


it155 May 31- June 14 1973: Letter from John Lennon; ‘The Best Article on Reggae..’; ‘Hepatitis and Other stories’ – Scenes from a hippie travelogue; OZ – RIP: ‘Much more than another hippie rag’; Lord Lampton; New York; Jamaica 


it156  14th-29th June 1973: Hendrix /

















it157 1973:’Watergate: Birth of a Language’; Bob Dylan cover; Michael X;Vietnam Vets in Belfast; Watergate; Grace Slick and Paul Kantner; Iggy and the Stooges; London Buskers; Levi Strauss; Knaresborough and Haworth


it158 July12-26 1973: Richard Alpert and Baba Ram Dass; Manitas de Platta; festivals;

it159 July 27 –Aug 10 1973: Sly Stone; Street London; Travellers; Trentishoe Fair; Dope Fiends

it160 Aug 11-25 1973.  Bruce Lee; Biker culture; IRA’ Ibiza –The Last Resort;


it161 Aug 26-Sep 9th 1973: Peter Kennard collage cover; Truth about the YI.P/Yippies by A.J.Weberman; Did Nixon Spike Muskie? ;Gilbert Shelton cartoons; Charles Manson; Private armies; Mick Farren; Commander Cody; Jenny Haan


it162  1973:

it163  21 Sep-5th Oct 1973:

it164 Oct 5 - 19 1973:

 Rolling Stones: Would Mick Jagger Go Down ON A Terminal Leper? A  'Stones Q and A piece; Kelaher Conspiracy Trial; Furry Freak Brothers



it May/June 1974 - Vol 2 No 1: William Burroughs’: Exterminator by Miles

it July 1974 -  Vol 2 No 2

it Aug 19 1974 -  Vol 2 No 3: The Junking of Dr John; The Electric Tit; Dali on money; Mind Over Matter – A few more Are Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest



it June 1975 - Vol 3 No 1 / Maya 5

it 169 July 1975 - Vol 3 No 2 / Maya 6

it Vol 3 No 4 -




it Vol 1976; 1 – cc

it 1976; 2

it 1976; 3: Arabella Melville: A Sexual Liberation Manifesto 


it 1976 4 – ‘Heroin Horror’; Triads In Amsterdam; Czech Mates- The full story & manifesto of The Plastic People of the Universe; Arabella Melville & Colin Johnson – Sex magazine Libertine; Interview with Stiff Records founder Dave Robinson; Release Graphics by It artist John Meaker; Sniffing Glue; Kursaal Flyers; The first emergence of Biff comic strip. Biff drawn by Chris Garratt and written by Mick Kidd began in IT to later become a regular feature of The Guardian...”jargonistic, sociology- speak..bathos and punctured pomposity superimposed on lumpy 40s / 30s images...a ‘pop style with a content that<<<<






it Vol 1977-  5:- J' Accuse: Gemstone File; Bill Levy; BIT; Tymon Dogg; Lol Coxhill;

it Vol 1977- 6 Feb: - Punk Is Dead  

it Vol 1977- 7:-March Illuminatus/Zappa/Ken Campbell


it Vol 1977- 8: April: ‘Queen Freaks: Windsor Will Be A Monster, Shock’; Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson interviewed re. Illuminatus; The Wide Awake Papers; John Meaker; 2 pages of The Gemstone File as graphic novel; Biff cartoons;


it Vol 1977- 9:May: Conspiracy. 'The anti-it issue'

it vol  1977-10:June: Tony Read –cc

it Vol 1977 - 11; July: Rat Licks Baby's Face cc

it Vol 1977 - 12; Aug: Sex- ish




it Vol 4 No.1: Queen dies...

it Vol 4 No 2

it Vol 4 No. 3: GLC cover-up

it Vol 4 No 4: Acid Trial


it Vol 4 No. 5: Chemists Reunite - We Need Acid’: Operation Julie busts; Ulster Gays Face Backlash; Terrorists As Sex Objects; Welsh Hippies; Sex Pistols –The last ever interview; Seveso article; Bloolips – performance artists



it Vol 4No.  6: Free The Heinz Fifty-Seven / Berlin Punk

it Vol 4 No. 7: Freedom Is A Career

itVol 4 No 8

it Vol 4 No. 9: Germans Plan To A-Bomb Egypt

it Vol 4 No. 10: Cocaine

it Vol 4 No.11: Clowns Clouted


it Vol 4 No.12: “They Shoot Dog's Don't They”? Operation Julie by Heathcote Williams; The Beast first edition awakes as Animal Liberation paper; Windsor Free Festival; Here & Now Free tour ; Torness; The Fanatic; Sid Vicious; Demolition Decorators; Rebel Radio cc


Volume 5 Number One........ A4: I.T Burns to a Crisp!



it Vol 5 No.1: “There's A Circus Going On!”: First issue since arson attack on Its offices; Welsh Hippie Horrors Demolition Decorators - Buskers Gagged; The Beast; Ken Campbell’s The War (Neil Oram) produced at the ICA; Plastic People of the Universe cc


it Vol 5 No. 2: “Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour..” Hyde Park Corner arrests; Windscale; Plastic People of the Universe; Elton John Spends £3000 on fur hat;Ideal Home Exhibition squatted; Open Head Press; Heathcote Williams; Stiff Little Fingers; Fuck Off Records; The Fall; Danny and the Dressmakers; Mark Astronaut; The Good Missionaries; ATV and Mark Perry.


it Vol 5 No. 3: Nicaragua; Torness Torn;Pagan Rights; Smokey Bears; Bolivia; Homeopathy; Free Festivals


it Vol 5 No.4: ‘Margarine the Leaderine’


it Vol 5 No.(5):’ Out Demons Out!’: Britain In Ireland; Amsterdam; Albania; Operation Julie: Acid Terrorists appeal..


















Vol 5 No.(5): The Real Traitor In The Palace: Kathy Acker - New York Story; Bill Levy; Poems by the Pope; National Front in Alabama


it: Frivolous Summer Issue: Allen Ginsberg on Davis Solomon; American Indian Ethnocide; Baader Meinhof; Cannabis conference


1982: I'm In Love With The Falklands issue...A4



it Vol'86 No.1: Extensive Psychic TV article by Tom Vague, with extraordinary graphics plus Hyperdelic article by Genesis P.Orridge; A History of IT - timeline/chronology; Stonehenge Campaign post police pogrom - Battle of the Bean Field; Kathy Acker; Buddhist Festivals.




it Vol'86 No.2: The New Psychedelia in London / Police Photographers / DORA RUSSELL AT 90 / ROBYN HITCHCOCK / Stonehenge Festival Campaign / Greenpeace / Robyn Hitchcock

it Vol'86 No.3:”A Different Wave For A Paved Beach” The Mutoid Waste Company - First interview with 80's nomadic art anarchos; Paranoia Peddled - Class War v Searchlight magazine; Jamie Reid; On-U Sound System history by Tom Vague; The Neo-Naturists

it Vol'86 No.4: Sindona; Test Dept –Ministry of Power; Brian Eno exhibition;

On-U sound pt 2;



Copyright @ International Times 2005





















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