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There are some websites that should never be allowed to die. International Times may have vanished under the waves - at least for the time being - but it's memory lives on.

We have rescued an archive of past editions - or at least a snapshot of them - for your delight and delectation. Please click the link below to view them.

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Cheap insurance

We all know how expensive insurance is: particularly car insurance. We all know, though, that cheaper policies can be bought by using car insurance comparison sites. Why then, with so many companies claiming to offer the cheapest policies, should you look for very cheap quotes at the site?

Simples. What we don't realise, is that most of the bigger insurance comparison sites are actually owned by insurers! No bias there of course. Plus they only show policies from insurance companies that pay them a commission - ignoring others which might offer much cheaper bargains.So will they show you the cheapest possible policy at the top of their listings? Or should you use a completely independent site like Prudent Plus? You decide.